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WMLUG is a sister club of MichLUG. The following roster is a list of our active members.

If you are interested in joining our west side discussion list, or participating in one of our events, just contact Jason Spears through the form. We are actively interested in recruiting new members. We do not have dues, but do expect a potential member to attend a meeting and help at a show to gain full membership.


  • Amanda Alberding
  • Gregory Alberding
  • Emily Beck
  • John Beck
  • Beth Cauffman
  • Charlie Cauffman
  • Rosa Fleming
  • Larry Foster
  • David Frazier
  • Karen Frazier
  • Troy Furst
  • Dennis Graham
  • Jarren Harkema
  • Tim Harkema
  • Calvin Hartley
  • Dan Hartley
  • Ellianne Huizinga
  • David Kohrman
  • George Kohrman
  • Jim Malkowski
  • Jimmy Malkowski
  • Michelle Malkowski
  • Karla Mulzac
  • Elizabeth Oudsema
  • Matthew Oudsema
  • Eric Peterson
  • Josette Pieniazek
  • Larry Pieniazek
  • Nik Pieniazek
  • Beverley Spears
  • Emily Spears
  • Fallon Spears
  • Jamie Spears
  • Jason Spears
  • Jeff Viens
  • Denise Walcott
  • Rick White
  • Andrew Wilson
  • Jessica Wilson